The stories feature of Instagram came from the social media application Snapchat. Stories features have grown to become an excellent way for businesses and brands to tell stories, boost the follower’s engagement, and run the visual marketing campaign.  More than 500M Instagram accounts are using the stories every day. To get more exposure, generate views, Instagram stories are terrific ways. 

Instagram shows you who has viewed your Instagram stories, and also, if you do not want someone to view your stories, Instagram lets you block them. The algorithm of Instagram identifies the most relevant, engaging, best, and newest stories for each of your followers. Then it delivers this story’s content to the stories feed of your followers. If people are genuinely interested in your stories, they will watch your stories until the end and may even buy the products and services from you. 


To boost sales, increase engagement, and connect with your audiences, Instagram stories are a terrific way. You need to measure your current performances to create a stellar strategy.  It is also the best way to find out why the views of your Instagram stories are down. The analytics of Instagram stories will let you check the various stories’ performances. 

The Instagram story analytics will provide you a complete list of the essential metrics and check if your Instagram stories’ views are down. receive Instagram story views will give you genuine views and boost conversions and engagement. To see which ones performed better, ranking the stories baked on the impressions. Check for the editing styles, days of the week, and content types.¬†

Some of the insights of Instagram stories to  check to include:

  • Total count of the replies to an Instagram story.
  • Total count of the click on your shared link in your Instagram story.
  • Total count of the impression of your story.
  • How many unique accounts that viewed your Instagram story
  • Reach of your Instagram story
  • How many users tapped to see your previously posted story or backward taps.
  • How many people tapped to see your next Instagram story¬†
  • Total count of taps made to exit your Instagram story


Have a plan for your content for Instagram stories to make sure that you post high-quality content always. Think about how you can effectively communicate with your audiences, your target audiences, and the kind of message you want to post on Instagram. Consumers and customers expect the business and brands to provide them with high-quality and meaningful content. You need to make content that engages with your audiences and cuts through the clutter. 

Some of the content types you can use include boomerangs, photos, and videos. You can even combine boomerangs, videos, and photos or an alternate or variety between them. In addition, you can also show your regular posts in your Instagram stories. However, ensure they are the best photos and videos before posting them into your Instagram stories. Instagram provides you various tools to design your stories.