Instagram’s hottest and trending part is its stories. Stories are the way to create a moment of your day to day life. Most people get their news online. Instagram is a very big visual platform to show your thoughts in the form of stories, posts, contents as well. Instagram stories appear only in 24 hours, after that time it automatically disappears. So, Instagram provides the best feature to solve these problems, the highlight section. In this article, we will discuss how to increase your Instagram stories triple time. Let us follow the given idea to make your story as very beautiful. 

Post Regular For Best Stories

Instagram is the fastest growing platform. Also, this includes many competitors every day. Instagram stories are now sorted by increasing relationships and getting more engagement. So, aim to post 3 to 5 stories per day to get your reach successfully. Also, you should focus on posting quality stories. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the pillars of Instagram stories. If you have a business account, use up to 10 hashtags in each story. Hashtags are used so people can find them easily. So, making and then adding some effective hashtags to get more Instagram story views. This will help them to see your story by following these hashtags.

Share Your Location

Locations are used to find your Instagram stories easily. We love to include a location at any time we are in a new location and anywhere. Make sure, the location is very useful to create trust about your Instagram account for all of them. 

Use Different Features

Instagram stories are the way to show your personality, business strategy as well. Instagram gives a lot of features to grow your social proof. If you have an Instagram account for business or other purposes you have fewer followers for that starting period. So, you will not be able to reach your success easily. The best and easy idea is to buy Instagram story views fast delivery to increase the number of views for your Instagram stories. Also, this will help you to communicate with more people at one time. 

Add Texts

Most of the people watch Instagram stories without any sound in public places. So, add some text related to your story and also add the quote like ‘please sound on’ as well. Stickers are the best way to convey user messages easily. 

Use Instagram Analytics

Analytica is the best and free built-in section to analyze your Instagram stories’ performance. Go to your profile click in the top right and select insights and then check your content, stories, and so on. This is very useful to find your Instagram story’s impressions as well.