A new video format of small fifteen seconds videos is offered with dedicated space for getting more and better visibility and offered with creative and fun effects for making better visibility.  After the test in Brazil as first, in the French market, Instagram is launching its Reels feature. It is the new 15 seconds short format video feature that includes new creative tools, new fun tools, effects like augmented reality, and audio content. Instagram is inspired largely with Reels by a short format video famous by TikTok. The social media network Instagram wishes to offer its new and creative way of expressing themselves by just relaying messages to its users and subscribers of the network just by publishing choreographies. 


According to Instagram, the main goal of the Reels is to reveal the talent of new generations. The Reels video created by the Instagrammers can be sent to your families, friends, and reels can be added to the stories, and it can be shared in the news feed or Explore. The Reels can be collected as a new part in the new Reels tab in their profile; if they are shared like the content like classic, it will exclude Story. It is the same way as for the IGTV videos on Instagram. A new dedicated and special space in the Explore tab on Instagram provides all the access to the Reels selection, to be inspired by the other users or other member’s published content. And also to be discovered in the community of Instagram. The author will get a notification if their Reels get highlighted on the Explore tab on Instagram and gaining more Instagram Reels likes is a strategy. If the public accounts created any Reels on Instagram, certain features like effects, hashtags, and songs, they would appear on Instagram’s dedicated pages. 


You have to tap the camera on the main screen’s top left corner to create a Reels on Instagram. Then from the format types offered by Instagram, you have to select the Reels option. You will be able to see a collection or series of different creative tools on the left of your screen, that options and tools are all provided by Instagram and available to enhance your Reel. They are audio content, Augmented Reality effects, countdown timer, timer, align, speed (slow down or speed up). With the help of the audio, you are able to search for the famous audio and songs for your reels with the help of Instagram’s music library. For smooth transitions, you can use the align option to align your already created video clips before going to next.