With millions of active users all over the world, this photo-sharing platform proves that it is one of the most influential social media networks and the most popular social media network of our time. Instagram is very critical for your brands to promoting itself because os more people are used to discovering new services and new products on the applications. Instagram marketing defines as the process of promoting your business and brands through the Instagram application. This marketing stratergy will include the techniques of general social media network management, paid advertising, content creations. More instagram impressions on Instagram is very important because it provides the opportunity for brands and businesses to promote their services and products to millions of users. Not only can you reach a big group of audiences and also you can increase the visibility of your brand, build a strong relationship with customers and audiences, generating more revenues and more sales for your business, driving up the post engagement rate. Instagram is now the more engaging social media network and becoming one of the social media platforms.

 Instagram has proven that it is a great application and platform for building brands and building marketing because Instagram has more than twenty-five million business registered accounts. Every day more than 100 million videos and photos are uploaded on Instagram. Instagram has a huge audience base so that your business can reach more subscribers. Instagram is having more people at the age of 18 years old to 24 years old, which is about 31% of the users of Instagram. Here are some of the great benefits of having an Instagram business account or business profile:

  • Your audience can click on your contact option besides visiting your websites to get in touch with you.
  • You can get access to the analytics tool on Instagram. The Instagram analytics tools are known as insights, and it is the place where you can see the statistics such as reach and impression of your posts and content.
  • Easily you can publish Instagram advertisements and create Instagram advertisements without the help of the advertising tool of Facebook.
  • You can increase the chances of your posts getting watched by most of your followers in their Instagram’s new feed.
  • Most of the brands and businesses using Instagram advertising features. Over two million advertisers are using the Instagram ad features. Some of the statistics of the Instagram ads
  • The total count of the users who visit their profile on Instagram every day is more than 200 million.
  • More than half of the users use to click on the post of Instagram’s explore page.
  • It has a more 79% engagement rate.
  • Most of the hashtags are branded out of the ten hashtags on Instagram.
  • Sixty percent of the Instagram users say that they find new services and products on the world’s biggest social media platform Instagram.
  • For discovering new products, seventy percent of the shoppers frequently go to this platform.
  • The ads would occupy the full screen on mobile devices because it is hard to miss out.