There have been over a billion hours of videos on YouTube since 2005. When it comes to downloading YouTube content, it raises a subject: is it legal?

If you download the video from YouTube for your personal offline use, it should be okay. If you download and use the YouTube contents in other streams containing copyright, you cannot monetize.

So, a big no for stealing videos from YouTube network. If you want to share any videos with your circles, YouTube provides many sharing options. You cannot always download the videos from YouTube.

A user will download your content once they love your videos tremendously. Buy YouTube likes that shapes your viewer’s perception, and it develops your key content. Suppose you must download the YouTube videos for some reason as for yourself. There are many software tools to download. We can see here about some of the best software for downloading YouTube videos.

Desktop software:

It is the third party software where you can freely download online videos. You can paste the video URL that you want from YouTube, and you can download it in the highest definition that you want. For the high definition videos(HD), you can get a file in MP4 type video format. Higher in quality(8k videos, 4k videos), you can get a file in MKV type video format. 

YouTube was flash based in the past. So you can download in FLV files only, those bring playback hardness frequently. Then comes MP4 files short of MPEG-4. It plays everywhere.

MKV files are also called Matroska. Windows uses a VLC media player, which plays everything. Here are the great options for the downloaders.

VLC media player:

It is a fantastic downloading tool for the windows that play every video and can download the videos from YouTube.

Copy the video URL from YouTube that you want to download, then open up the VLC media player. Click the Open Network Stream from the media menu, and paste the URL in the URL box. Then click on the play button. Video plays, while playing, go to Tools- Codec Information. At the bottom of the page, it has a “source” box. It contains a URL. 

Please copy and paste the source box URL in the browser(It is a temporary address and will expire instantly) and start the video. While seeing the browser’s video, you can see the download option where you can download the file.

VLC saves your file only as 1080p and not any higher streams like 2160p. Also, it won’t convert the videos to any other formats. To acquire these options, you need a special desktop software given below.

4K video downloader:

It downloads the video till 8k quality formats and converts to different video formats. Copy the video URL from YouTube and tap on the Paste Link button. 4KVD grabs all such video subtitles, all playlists, and all videos from the channel. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and few sites are acceptable to download the video contents.

4K video downloader features a one-click download to all the content. If you need to download nearly 25 videos or subscribe to the YouTube channel to the instant download, use the paid version of it. It was flawless to play the MKV files through the VLC media player. It also has a feature to extract audios in MP3 formats.